March 2011 Scholars Update

We have the first trimester grades (notas) for 26 of the existing 34 Rainforest Scholars in our program this school year. Here are some facts:
- all scholars are performing above the 50 percentile
- the older scholars are scoring higher than the younger; perhaps indicating the younger students have not yet adjusted to the more rigorous performance required in secondary school
- 11 of the 26 scholars are young women
- 4 are over 18 years old; 2 young men, 2 young women
- the 2 adult women have children, the 2 adult men are unmarried
- Rio Blanco's young are attending 7 different secondary schools.
Instituto Tecnologico de Tena - 12
Colegio Fiscomisional “San Jose” de Tena - 3
Unidad Educative Ciudad de Tena - 3
Unidad Educative F.M: Exp a Distancia “Padre Martin Fernandes” - 3. This is a intense weekend program being attended by two young mothers and a teenage girl.
Unidad Educativa Simon Bolivar de Tena - 1
2 are attending school in Archidona, the Colegio Fisca Diumo and the Unidad Educativa Intercultural Bilingue “San Pablo”
2 brothers are attending Colegio Tecnico P. Ottorino Todescato in Ahuano, an hour's commute closer to Rio Blanco than Tena.
In the last 3 years, 6 young people in the program have graduated from high school; 2 in 2008, 2 in 2009 and 2 in 2010. We are following up now to see how these graduates are contributing to their communities.
For more information about the 4 boys from the Bilingual Intercultural School in Pano, click here
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