AlliancExchange has supported Karen’s High School education since 2008. She has been a high achieving student and has always earned the best grades. Karen will proudly graduate this year, all while supporting her two younger siblings.
In her last letter Karen tells us:  

“I am profoundly grateful for the immense help that you gave me economically that allowed me to continue my studies. I now plan to go on to the next step: University.  My biggest wish for the future is to be a professional so that I can help my family and work for my community. The work of those of AlliancExchange are an example for me to follow, as many wish to do something in life, but few serve others. I too wish to serve others as life is the unique opportunity to help out our fellow man”. 

Karen is just one example of the many successful young women whom we helped to be the next generation of Rainforst women leaders - to be stewards of their Kishwa culture and their Amazonian rainforest environment. The Rainforest Scholars Program is a ray of hope for these women and their families who dream of a better future by alleviating poverty through education.




In 2008, Maximiliano entered the Rainforest Scholars program and has been one of AlliancExchange’s most promising students. He is the youngest child of six and his parents make a living of subsistence farming and tourism.   


Maximiliano says, I am writing to thank you for the scholarship…I have been able to advance in my studies and I do not wish to lose the opportunity that you are bringing me.  My great desire is to study Tourism and/or Medicine…Again, I thank all the members of AlliancExchange…”. 


This year Maximiliano will finish his secondary education and he and his parents are proud and very grateful for the scholarships he has received from AllianceExchange. He is expected to excel as a community leader because of the enthusiasm and joy he brings to people around him.




Ramon is one of six adult students in our Rainforest Scholars program. Ramon entered secondary school in 2003, but when he turned 18 he began his obligatory military service.  After his military service, he successfully continued his education.  


Ramon says “with the help of a scholarship from AlliancExchange I am graduating from high school this year. I have worked hard and reached my goal of academic success.” 


The scholarship gave Ramon a second chance, which he fully seized by being a top student. Having experienced the positive impact of education on his life, he hopes to be able to go to college and serve his community. He and his entire family are very grateful for the opportunities and support given to him.  









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