Meet Our Rainforest Scholars


Emely Andi                       

14 years Old, 10th Grade
Colegio Tecnico Monsenor Maximiliano Spiller
Alukus Community


Emely was sponsored this year with monies raised at our fundraising events.

A thank you note from Emely:

Thanks to AlliancExchange's Rainforest Scholarship Program I'm able to study since my mother doesn't have enough economic  resources to send me to school. I hope to receive a scholarship for the next school year. My goal is to finish secondary education, become somebody  and reach a better future.

 This coming year Emely will be supported by the Dream Factory Community, a group of women entrepreneurs in Central and Eastern Massachusetts.

see the boys below with their mothers here

Enoc Josue
12 Years Old, 8th Grade (Octavo Nivel – Primer Curso)

Enoc attends the Bilingual Intercultural School in Pano, where he is enrolled in the Industrial Mechanics program. He has achieved a 17 out of 20 in his final grade average. Josue lives with his parents, both farmers, in the Guinea Chimbana community. He has six siblings, with a total of nine people in the household.

This young man finds himself in a difficult position regarding his education. His high grades offer him a great academic future, but this cannot be achieved for him as his family cannot support all their children and their education. From the Grades report of the Fall 2010, Enoc shows that he has achieved high grades, particularly in Kichwa, English & Computers courses. He wants to succeed in his studies so that he can give back to his community.

Enoc has a sponsor for 2010-11 academic year. 

Carlos Orlando
13 Years Old, 9th Grade (Segundo Curso)

Carlos attends the Bilingual Intercultural School in Pano where he is studying Industrial Mechanics. He lives in Pano with his father and mother, both of whom work as farmers. He has fourteen other siblings, with a total of seventeen people living in the same household – seven of the children are students at this time.

Because his parents cannot afford to allow all their children to remain in school, Carlos has had a very difficult time pursuing his education. He has achieved very high scores in his grades report of Fall 2010. Some of the highlights are his scores of 20 points (excellent) in the Kichwa Language, Social Studies, Spanish, Computers and Mechanics. Carlos has shown a great dedication to his studies and wishes to continue his education so he can help his family and his Kichwa community.

Carlos is seeking a personal sponsor. 


Ronal Alexis
14 Years Old, 10th grade (Tercer Curso)

Ronal attends the Bilingual Intercultural School (colegio) in Pano where he is studying Industrial Mechanics. He lives in Uchuculin with his father, mother, seven siblings and three of his nephews. His father works as a farmer, while the mother is a homemaker.

He expresses that his family cannot support his education plans due to the fact that their income can barely provide for their basic needs, since they are such a large family. 

Academically, Ronal has achieved high scores as his grades report of Fall 2010 demonstrates. The highest grades he earned were in the courses of Ecuadorean history, English and Literature. Ronal is looking forward to finishing his education and his primary goal is to be a knowledgeable member of his community so he can help others advance as well. 

   Ronal is seeking a personal sponsor. 


Richard Olimpo
18 Years Old, 12th Grade (Segundo año de bachillerato)

Richard lives in the Archidona community and is attending the Bilingual Intercultural School in Pano where he is studying Industrial Mechanics. He lives with his father and mother. Both parents work as farmers. He has six other siblings, making for a total of nine people in his household. Three of the children are studying at this time.

Richard is eager to complete his studies so that he can help sustain his family and contribute to his Kichwa community. Based on the latest grade report from Fall 2010, Richard has achieved high scores in the subjects of History, English and Computers. He is dedicated to his studies in order to achieve the changes that he wants to see happen for himself and the community around him. 

A personal sponsor has stepped forward to support Richard. 


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